Xerox Machine on Rent

Do you need high-quality colour copier machine for your business? Power Point provides Xerox machine on rent, the most widely used photocopier machine across the world. Xerox machines come with multi functional MFPs with advanced features like copying, printing, scanning, faxing etc. It is one of the leading copiers providing matchless print speed, quality and reliability. It is also the copier that offers the widest options of digital colour, black and white and multi function office photocopiers.

Buying a Xerox machine may not be a feasible option for every business owner though. If you are one of them, you certainly do not need to worry because Power Point is here to provide you with different types of Photocopy machine rental services.

You can choose from Xerox’s digital, analogue, black and white, colour copier machine, multi-functioning copier, Automatic Document Feeder or bypass tray.

Digital Copie
These are quick and efficient than the analogue ones. It scans and stores the image in its memory and prints using laser or inkjet printing processes.

Analogue Copier
It uses lens and mirrors to copy, and light to transfer scanned images. It is a slower process because it scans a document while copying it

Colour Copier Machine
This is absolutely apt for businesses. It scans images using laser and transfers them to the image drum from where the toner sticks to the charged areas of the drum, multifunction laser printer them on the page.

Multifunction Copier
It is an all-in one-copier, performing multiple tasks such as copying, printing, scanning, faxing etc.

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
This is extremely useful in saving time. You need to place all your documents into the tray and let them get copied, instead of placing one sheet at a time on the glass.

Bypass tray
This avoids paper jams as it has a short and straight paper route for thick papers and odd-shaped documents.

But, before you opt for photocopy machine rental service you need to determine why you need the machine, what types of printouts you want from it, how many printouts you need to do in a day, what features you want it to have, etc.

If you cannot decide, we have a team of technical experts at your service, who analyse your requirements before suggesting you the type of photocopier you should rent.

We provide copier machines on rent from top brands like Canon, HP, Epson, Samsung, Xerox etc. So, if you are in need of colour copier machines from brands beside Xerox, we are able to help you offering photocopy machine rental. We have a well-maintained warehouse where we store the machines with utmost care. We pack the machines with careful attention so that you receive them in flawless condition. We have a special team for packing the copier machines and delivering them to you in proper condition.

Why choose Power Point for getting a colour copier machine on rent?

  • Best quality products
  • Efficient technical support team
  • Customized machines
  • On-time delivery
  • Best rates possible
  • Flexible terms and conditions

So, get in touch with us and enable us to assist you in your office equipment requirements not only now but for many more years to come. To contact, do call us on 66471111 or email us at