Pull Printing Solutions

Pull printing is a highly secured advanced printing solution provided by PowerPoint. What makes it indispensable to be used by the businesses is its ability to facilitate much required documental security. It operates by sending a print job to the server which then delivers the job after appropriate authentication by the user, at the output device. Thus, plays a vital role in the protection of confidential documents.

Few Other Features of Pull Printing Solution

  • In workplaces where the pull printing is not utilized, it becomes a compulsion for the users to retrieve the documents printed. If there is a slight delay in collecting the print job, the documents will have to be printed again as they might have been discarded. While our pull printing solutions can vastly reduce the wastage, which makes it a cost-effective solution as well.
  • Using such printing solutions, it is even possible to limit access to which specific print jobs, employees can pull. It is an important consideration for the business entities involved with the creation and dissemination of significant information. The confidential document would require a password to allow it’s release from the network. Thus, it serves as an effective way to maintain the privacy of documentation.
  • It helps to do away with the need for purchasing expensive personal printers to ensure the security levels.
  • No more the IT administrators are required to deal with the print related hassles of any nature, using these printing solutions.

Why Opt For It?

It provides apt print output, keeping in check the security factor, minimizes costs and most importantly assures that all the crucial information is well – protected. It would be highly suitable for organizations which operate in multiple locations, however, use common terminals and are in need of a highly secured printing. Power Point pull printing solution can work with any make & model network printer.

If you are in need of such secured and advanced printing solutions, you must get in touch with us. We offer various Print Related Solutions and have established our name as a leading provider of comprehensive printing solutions.