Print Monitoring Software

Lessen your office print costs altogether with print fleet auditing software

A Print management software is all you need to streamline your office print fleet effortlessly. We provide top of the line Print monitoring software to our patrons to help them track their print activity, check toner level, watch out for the printing device’s condition and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. User wise print software helps to generate user wise print report, thereby assisting you to monitor the printing volume and check department wise usage of the print armada.

PowerPoint’s Print monitoring software is a holistic solution having following features :

Expediently track and oversee department/user wise print, scan and copy reports under one umbrella. Get user wise print reports on a daily and monthly basis.

Use print, scan and copy quota to administer the print job user and department wise. Restricting the documents you do not mean to print helps to deal with your office print spending plan in a more composed way.Print Fleet software caters to it all.

PIN/Access Card based secure print software contribute to data leak prevention and ensure that a wrong person doesn’t access your confidential info even by mistake. It helps keep unattended print jobs in check and the follow me print services guarantee that the printed, copied and scanned documents are only accessed by the destined user.

Pull your print jobs at the printer of your choice and eliminate the dependency on your printer location. Securely access your prints with a PIN at whichever printer you require them.

Automatically pull the user data from the AD/LDAP server. The print fleet software integrates the user info on a single platform, thereby helping you to get rid of adding the user data manually on the server.

Get all the info about printing jobs done by the user on local/USB printer.

Never come up short on your toner cartridges again. The software sends real time notifications to the clients if the toner level is critical.

In-built tools of the Print monitoring software aid to effectively manage the print fleet by informing you about empty toner, paper jam, printer faults or any other printer error etc.

Do away with overprinting in your organization by limiting bulk print job done per command user and department wise. The server makes approval necessary for printing jobs and sends real time notifications if the printing activity is crossing the bounds, offering Secure Print Software.

Never miss out on important documents when you have safe print management software on your side. The comprehensive software saves your entire print job backup in compressed PDF format for future use and in case you delete an important document by mistake, you can easily retrieve the same from the server.

Don’t let the distance hamper the printing environment with secure print solution. Now print urgent documents by sending a mail even if you are out of the office premises! while using User wise print software.

Mail your scanned documents directly to the targeted system without having to worry for any safety issues since the print fleet software keeps a proper check on the direction in which the mailing process is heading.

Print monitoring software lets you lock the print job with keywords, thus assisting you to limit the print job to only specific document varieties. It helps to check the printing of confidential/personal files you do not intend to permit within the office space.