Laser Printer Cartridge

Power Point, as a comprehensive supplier and maintenance service provider of computer hardware and accessories, offers a wide range of laser printer for your needs. Under one roof, you can choose among HP, Epson, Canon, Samsung, and other leading brands depending on your requirement. With varying speeds and printing capacity, these laser printers offer a wide choice thereby making your selection of printer even easier. Laser printer cartridge work on the principle of photocopying and may be used for printing on paper or plastic sheets. These devices are sold on the basis of their DPI (dots per inch) and speed calculated in ppm (pages per minute). Another criterion for selecting this output device is its possibility of printing in monochrome (in black and white only) or multiple colours. Further, these laser printers use laser printer cartridge that are obtainable at competitive prices.

Parameters for selecting a Laser Printer Cartridge

Print Speed
Print speed depends on the type of output: text, photo and use of colours. Normally, speed of printing is highest only when text is printed using one colour, as in letters or notices. Speed of printing goes down with use of multiple colours. Typically, this printing speed could vary from 40 ppm (text in monochrome) to 3 ppm (for colour photographs).

This determines its capability of printing in monochrome or multi-chrome. A monochrome machine is used for printing texts only and has the ability to hold only one toner cartridge (usually black). A full colour device is capable of holding four cartridges, namely yellow, magenta, cyan and black.

Resolution of these devices vary from 1200 dpi (dots per inch) to 2400 dpi. This is an important parameter for determining the type of device you need. For instance, for printing of posters or photographs, a 2400 dpi machine would be ideal whereas a 1200 variety would be appropriate for a predominantly textual job profile.

Paper Feed and Size
Paper feed is in the form of trays. These printers come with one, two or three trays. Generally, these could take in sheets up to a maximum of legal size.

Duty Cycle
This determines the number of sheets this instrument is capable of printing on a monthly basis. A machine with moderate capacity is capable of printing 100000 copies a month.

OS Compatibility
It is essential that your printer is compatible with your working environment. MS Windows 7, MS Windows 8, MS Windows XP, MS Windows Vista, Macintosh, and Linux are the different operating systems that support these output devices.

Cost per page
In an environment of tough competition, it is always wise to keep operational costs at a low level. Printing cost per page is a crucial factor in this parameter. This cost depends on the type of printing job performed. This cost includes cost of consumables used for your printing device.

Maintenance cost
These machines being of a sophisticated nature need regular upkeep, particularly if they are used on a regular basis. These instruments are sold with warranty provided by OEM under which parts are protected and preventive maintenance is carried out. After expiry of warranty period, all these instruments may be brought under annual maintenance contract (AMC).

We, at Power Point, offer both comprehensive and non-comprehensive AMC. A non-comprehensive type covers spare parts and regular maintenance while a comprehensive type includes consumables (toners and cartridges) also.