Color Printer Cartridge

Our color printer cartridges guarantee sharp printing everyday in the life of your printer.

With PowerPoint, you can save huge on color printing by purchasing recycled versions of color printer cartridges. Our printer cartridges and free-of-charge printer service is an unbeatable combination of quality. We ensure that our clients receive full support from our end and therefore, we sell and support all print related issues with excellence.

We sell new and re manufactured printer cartridges for different models of laser and inkjet printers including Samsung, HP, Canon, Epson and other OEM brands. We have an active team that offer installation, service and repair of printers, copier machines, and faxes across India. We also offer a wide range of printing solutions to best accommodate your business needs and budget. At PowerPoint, be certain to find a bespoke solution that best answers your print management problems.

When it comes to purchasing color copier machine, there are many things to be taken care of. Different types of printers require different type of consumables. Ink printers use inkjet varieties whereas laser printers use toners. There is also the option of combined and individual ink color printer cartridges. The feasibility of one-cartridge-fits all is far from reality. At the same time, the cartridge types would become manageable high for a compatible cartridge for each printer type. PowerPoint took the middle path to avoid the dilemma and retain the cost-effectiveness of printing. We re manufacture inkjet cartridges that are compatible over a wide range of inkjet printers. And, we sell and refill toner cartridges to suit the output of laser devices.

Compatible toners and inkjet cartridges manufactured at our facility come with 100% performance guarantee ensuring repeated use. These products are manufactured in compliance with OEM standards so that the output remains the same. All re-manufactured and refilled versions go under strict quality standards before going to the market. Compatible cartridges manufactured at PowerPoint are recyclable and are part of our comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). They are also covered under replacement warranty.

Customers buying from us can benefit from annual maintenance plans offered in the form of comprehensive and non-comprehensive AMC. While a non-comprehensive AMC covers spare parts and regular servicing only, a fully comprehensive AMC include consumables in addition to the one offered by the former. So, don’t waste loads of money on color printing. Let us help you reduce your printing costs. Call 1800 267 6676 to know more.