If you are a businessman and need quite a few number of print outs everyday, you may probably own HP business class inkjet, laser or multifunction printers because HP is simply one of the best brands available in the industry. Their products spell quality, performance and reliability. And if you want your HP printer to function the way they do, it is necessary for you to get them serviced by worthy people who are trained and experienced, like the technicians of Power Point. We are the most trusted and reliable service provider of HP printer.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and have been in the business since 2004. Our extensive experience in the field has made us adept at handling every type of HP printers like business class, monochromic, color, inkjet or multifunction etc.

We have a huge stock of the spare parts that are required to service, repair and maintain Hewlett Packard printers. We can also take care of the devices that have been called obsolete by the brand itself. We hire such people who are well-trained and experienced at servicing various Hewlett Packard devices.

The major objective behind our services is to provide you with the maximum uptime, ensuring that your printer keeps on functioning without any issues.

We suggest you to get your HP printer serviced every now and then so that you can avoid emergency cases. Our team of technical experts provides you with a detailed report on the condition of your HP printers, which makes you aware of little faults in the machines so that you can take rectifying actions and avoid the condition from worsening further. We can also recommend you additional services that your printer may need.

Our preventive services help you in eliminating major technical difficulties as far as the working of your office printers is concerned. It keeps your devices free from dust and stray toner particles that can degrade the quality of printing.

But, you do not need to worry even if you face an emergency situation because we will still be at your service. Our network of technicians is spread all over the country, so no matter which corner of India you are based in, our technicians will reach you in no time at all and get your machine fixed at once.

Our HP Printer services include :

  • Sockets and casing hindrances
  • Drum and toner issues
  • Paper feed problems
  • Poor quality printing
  • Power-related issues including power supply
  • Print drive and software problems
  • Water damage and liquid spills

Our maintenance services include :

  • Cleaning the printers inside out
  • Performing minor printer repairs
  • Lubricating and adjusting the moving parts in your printer

We are the best and most dependable service provider of HP printer that you can get in India. We work on-site as well as at our depots. We ensure you that you will get the best services and will be satisfied beyond your expectations. Contact us to get the best printer maintenance contracts. We promise you there won’t be any disappointment from your side.