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Worried about your printing cost per page? PowerPoint can guide you to buy the most suitable device and help you save money.

As per the first law of ink-onomics, “The cheaper the printer, the more expensive it inks”. Does that mean that you should entirely avoid buying cheap printers? Not necessarily. Here is where the math gets complicated. Your print cost printer on per page depends on what you print, how much you print and how long you plan to keep your printer. Different organisations have different requirements. A publishing house will certainly have more ambitious printing needs than a regular office. Those who print a generous amount may find a cheap printer’s ink bills lethal.

To offer a clear understanding or printer comparisons, we have highlighted certain factors that determine the cost per page.

Organizations that do printing jobs in volumes consider cost per page an important criterion for selecting a printer. This cost includes price of consumables (toners and cartridges), AMC (annual maintenance charges), paper and power. Operational managers spend considerable effort in making comparative charts of cost per page of different printer models before making purchase decisions. This is more so in cases of bulk purchases or tenders. Power Point being a comprehensive service provider in computer hardware, printers and other related devices, also calculate this cost per page among printer models for better understanding of their performance.

Factors determining printer on per page

Type – Based on the type of output, there are two kinds of laser printers: monochrome and full colour. Monochrome printers use one colour cartridge and usually are used for printing texts. Generally, they are kept in offices where outputs are predominantly in the form of texts. For these establishments, printing of photographs or coloured images is not important.

To offer a clear understanding or printer comparisons, we have highlighted certain factors that determine the cost per page.

Printer Type:– The type of printer you own decides the output and cost. A monochrome printer uses only one colour cartridge and is extensively used in printing texts. Laser printers use four cartridges – yellow, cyan, magenta and black as consumables. This type of printing is used by architectural firms and offices of interior decorators. You need to estimate how much you print in three categories: text documents (using only black ink), colour documents and 4-by-6-inch photos. If you print little, a cheap printer can save you money.

Printer Resolution:– The sharpness of impression can be determined by the dots per inch or DPI. You can decide whether you need a high resolution or low resolution printer depending on the type of output you wish to derive. The cost of using printer on per page basis varies significantly between a monochrome printer and digital printer.

Printer Duty Cycle:– Calculate the duty cycle of each printer model for comparing printers. The higher the duty cycles, the lower the cost per page. Moreover, it is important to evaluate the exact DPI that might be required to complete the monthly printing requirement. For companies with heavy printing requirements, it is advisable to have a printer with very high duty cycle.

Contact PowerPoint for ranked printer charts for assessments of the old and new models. A little research now may protect your wallet from serious injury later.




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