We are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company and have been offering services in printer maintenance since 2004. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of technical experts who are adept at addressing all sorts of printer maintenance issues. We are capable of handling all sorts of printers like business class, multifunction, monochromic, color, inkjet, laser, label etc.

Getting a professional printer maintenance service is essential because printer is a machine that forms an important part of your office infrastructure. And if that is not in place, some of your most important work can get stalled. Imagine your clients visiting you for a presentation and your printer breaks down! Where will you get the printouts needed for the presentation from? And telling your clients that your printer has broken down all of a sudden is highly embarrassing and unprofessional.

In order to avoid such embarrassments and emergencies, it is better to seek professional help. You obviously do not need to get your machine checked every month. Doing a maintenance check every six or twelve months is enough to avoid technical problems.

Every business needs a provider that they can rely on when it comes to repairing their valuable devices. Power Point, with its extensive experience and capable team of experts, can surely be the one for you.

We offer printer maintenance services for brands like HP, Samsung, Canon, Epson, Ricoh etc.

Our team can quickly diagnose your printer issues and fix it in no time at all. Our professionals have decades of experience and hence can recognize the problem at once and make sure that your investment is protected.

Printers are devices that come with parts that, like any other machine, wear out with time. And these parts are expensive enough to be replaced and hence, can be inconvenient. With our preventive maintenance services, you can very well be aware of the problems that your device may be likely to face. This practice does not let the problem in the machine grow, which means you get a chance to take care of it in its very infant stage. Thus, your expenses as well as your technical difficulties remain minimized.

Proper maintenance can ensure a longer life for your machines. It is not rare for paper dust and debris to clot your printer, which, if not cleaned, can produce poor-quality prints, printing errors and paper jams. Our team can clean your machine at regular intervals to avoid the build up of dirt and dust in it.

And if it breaks down, our team can repair it efficiently. We have a good stock of the various spare parts that need to be changed and replaced in the machines. Our trained professionals know exactly what to do and how to do and hence, do not take up much time in doing their job. Just a few hours spent and your work is done! This is possibly why our team can perform brilliantly under emergency circumstances.

We offer our printer maintenance services at our depots as well as on-site. You are free to choose the type of service you want.

We may be based in Mumbai but our network is spread across India. So, no matter where you are in India, we are just a call away.