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MPS – Managed Print Solution
Services we cover under our managed print solutions:
  • Pay only per page or per cartridge cost
  • Get a free printer/copier with maintenance
  • Save 60% on printing cost
  • Free on-site printer engineer
  • Print management software for print fleet auditing
What is Managed Print Services?

The comprehensive definition of Managed Print Services encompasses providing you with the ease to control and gain visibility of your printing, which aids your business to boost the ROI without compromising with the productivity. Our managed print service model even helps you with your mission to attain document stability and environment sustainability by offering recycled and compatible laser cartridges and toners.

By “Printing”, we are concerned with the total maintaining and optimising cost of your printers. With integrated Managed Print Services, you can reduce your printing expenses upto a whopping 60%.


Here is how we make it possible:


Printer/Copier on Per Page Model

Lessen your printing costs significantly by only paying for the number of pages you print! Lease a copier or printer on per page basis and avail free printer, laser toner cartridge and maintenance services.

Per Cartridge Model

Only pay for the cartridge model and access a free printer along with printer AMC comprising of printer repair, replacement and maintenance done free of cost.

Printer/Copier Adoption Model

Already own a printer? Then our printer adoption model is the right choice for you to save considerably on your printing expenditure by either opting for per page or per cartridge model and get free printer AMC.

Printer AMC

Focus on core projects of your business while we manage your printing workflow. From providing printing consumables to distant monitoring and on-site regular maintenance of the devices, we provide all.

Sit Back and Relax While We Manage Your Print Fleet

Your dependency on IT support is drastically reduced with real-time secure print solutions. Our comprehensive CRM and print management software keeps you updated with your device’s status, lets you track cartridge level, number of prints, order cartridge, get delivery reports and more. In case you are dissatisfied with our wide-ranging print management solutions, we offer you100% money back guarantee on all our services!

Enjoy cost-effective device optimization services with ground-breaking managed print solutions offering high-end document productivity, security and sustainability. We maintain security ethics in our services provided to our clients with the assurance about the confidentiality of what they print, when they print.

Know Your Business Needs

As your business grows and changes overtime, so do your printing needs. User wise print software services strive to evolve with your brand, thereby rectifying the organisation’s information challenges and keeping high standards of security. Print monitoring software evolves as a stepping stone to easily integrate all the essential info on a single platform without having any security concerns.

Manage your print fleet without obstructing the workflow

Join hands with us to manage and optimize your business’ print infrastructure and boost the work output with integrated print fleet software. Power Point takes a holistic approach towards making your organisation’s print architecture better in every possible manner. We manage your day-to-day printing activities through print monitor software and assist you in having a predictive and proactive approach towards the workflow by aligning the print fleet with your business goals.

High-end print auditing software acts a conduit streamlining the processes by unifying all the digital information under one umbrella

3-tier approach towards deploying managed print services:


1) Upgrading the Infrastructure

Optimizing the print output infrastructure with an industry-specific approach is the first hurdle that comes in the way of accessing managed print solutions. The approach involves providing smart multifunction products (MFPs) such as multifunction printer and photocopier machine on rent and implementing them at right places to create an easy-to-access bridge between your core business processes and the required hard copy.

2) Hands-on Supervision

Follow me print solution offers you the ease of monitoring and controlling your print fleet irrespective of time and place. Optimization of workflow is now possible even if you are away from your business site due to unavoidable engagements. We ensure you get notified about usage data and the need for consumables from time to time. You can depend on Power Point to get the best cartridge or avail emergency printer maintenance. Our high-quality recycled cartridges are way superior in quality and quantity as compared to toner refill cartridges that obstructs the workflow and efficiency of the printer by producing bad prints.

3) Improved Business Processes

With print fleet management technology, you get to focus on other integral tasks of your business while we assist your enterprise to get the best print output with lesser devices. Lessen your CAPEX and OPEX to a great degree by availing our integrated managed print model.

With Power Point managed print services, you’ll notice a ground-breaking shift in your business’ ROI along with enjoying the ease of monitoring consumables inventory and business output under one roof.

Give a ring on 1800 267 6676 to explore the full spectrum of managed print service offerings and see how we can help your business to improve overnight.