Power Point Cart provides inkjet cartridge refilling service to companies pan India. We help companies curtail their printing expenditure by refilling printer’s ink cartridges. Printer ink is one of the major expenses that companies bear with. Especially in business sectors where the need for printouts is on a large scale, printing expenses might reach sky high. By refilling ink cartridges, companies can get their printers up and running at the fraction of the cost incurred on a full replacement.

Power Point Cart has been serving the printing industry for 11 years. Our high quality refilled inkjet printer cartridges produce top quality results every time you refill. Our precision refilling system ensures that refilled cartridge documents look just as good as a new cartridge. The high-quality ink used are compatible with HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark and Dell printers producing same high resolution documents as expected from using a new inkjet printer cartridge.

Refilled inkjet printer cartridges from Power Point Cart provide with multiple benefits.

  • Great value for a much lower price
  • Lifetime warranty on refills
  • Money saver without sacrificing quality or quantity
  • Excellent customer service
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Quick response time and troubleshooting
  • Replacement warranty

To get high quality refilled cartridges, get in touch with us. Please feel free to call us on 66471111 or email us at info@powerpointcart.com.

Inkjet Cartridge Refilling Helps the Environment

Using refilled cartridges can help save the Earth while saving money. Roughly, 85% of the cartridges are discarded after one use. That amounts to over 350 millions empty cartridges ending up in landfills every year. The plastic, metal and oil used in the manufacture of these cartridges contribute gravely to the release of toxic gases. By practicing cartridge refilling, we can save over three ounces of oil that is used to make a new inkjet cartridge. Refilling cartridges saves energy and reduces pollution both in air and water.

>If you are thinking whether using refilled inkjet cartridges are safe to use or not, then we can resolve your doubts. We provide with excellent quality inkjet cartridges that perfectly support any branded printer. We have an efficient Quality Control team and high precision machineries to support our business operations. Therefore, you can rest assured that our refilled inkjet cartridges are a safe option to spending money on new cartridges.

From our base in Mumbai, we provide our service across the nation. We have repair technicians assigned in different parts of the country to take of any kinds of printer requirements from offering refilled cartridges to repairing printers. So, contact us today to get refilled printer cartridges.