Power Point is one of the most trusted and reliable providers of HP printer servicing in India. We have been offering our services since 2004 and have seldom got customer complaints during this span of time. We offer all types of HP printer servicing that include both repair and maintenance. We have a separate team of certified technicians who are adept at dealing with all types of HP printer-related issues. We maintain a good stock of the spare parts that are needed to service and repair the various printers of HP.

Has your HP printer been termed obsolete by the company? Do not worry because our team is trained in repairing all sorts of HP printers including those which have been deemed obsolete and unsupportable by the brand.

Our objective is to provide you with the best uptime, ensuring that your printers run all the time. With us, your printers are in safe hands because our team is trained as well as experienced in repairing and maintaining HP printers. Be it monochrome or color or laser or multipurpose or even digital, our team is adept at dealing with all sorts of HP printer issues.

Our network of technicians is spread all over India. We may be based in Mumbai but you have the advantage of enjoying our services in any corner of India.

We strongly recommend that you maintain your printer-hardware on a regular basis. Otherwise, technical problems can turn serious with time. And serious problems mean serious expenses. Getting your printers serviced every 6 or 12 months is fine. However, you may need more frequent servicing given the degree of usage and external environment.

Preventive servicing is a good idea because it not only helps in avoiding major faults but also keeps your machines free from dust and stray toner particles which can potentially impair the quality of the prints. Our technicians provide you with a thorough report on your machines which lets you know about the parts that are wearing down and need attention. So, you get a chance to take rectifying action which helps in avoiding emergency situations, which unfortunately happens at the most inconvenient times!

And if in case you face an emergency situation, our services will reach you within a few hours, making sure that your machine is back to work at once.

Our HP printer servicing include :

  • Paper feed issues
  • Socket and casing problems.
  • Drum and toner issues
  • Impaired print quality
  • Power supply problems
  • Water damage or liquid spills
  • Print driver and software problems
  • Replacement of consumables

Our maintenance and support services include :

  • Regular inspection cycles
  • Cleaning printers
  • Checking toner, paper and other consumables

Printers suffer a lot of wear and tear because of the excessive use that they are put to. This regular wear and tear results in poor quality prints and paper jams, hindering the regular work in office. Power Point is quick at dealing with all types of HP printer servicing like power issues, damaged parts, replacement and driver problems, making your work life much easier.





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