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From mobile phones to kitchen accessories, we prefer to have all-in-one machines for ourselves as they are compact yet highly efficient. An mfp is one such machine that combines all the features of printer, copier, scanner and a fax machine. These peripheral devices also have the ability to archive/store necessary data for future use.

While mfp printers are advantageous deal to crack, they are not so cheap machines. Though multifunction printers offer convenience and help to de-clutter the office space, buying one can significantly affect your ROI and the burden can be a huge one for the start-ups facing a financial trouble in giving a valid existence to their business. Moreover, renting offers you the ease of quality testing an mfp and then making a safe purchase as not all multifunction printers are same.

Power Point Cartridges Pvt Ltd is a premium provider of laserjet mfp, hp mfp, multifunction copier, color mfp, Xerox printer, Toshiba printer, Canon printer, network printer, Ricoh printer, Konica photocopier, Samsung printer, business photocopier and various other kind of printing fleet.  We provide quality printers on rent for both short and long terms and also offer managed print solutions to monitor your office printing and improve your bottom-line.

Reach us at or give a call on 1800 2 676 676 to get an mfp on rent at reasonable prices. We are also PAN India suppliers of refurbished cartridges that you can buy at a cost way less than that of original ones.

OEM cartridges dominated the printing industry for many decades; now, with the advent of refurbished printer supplies, OEM manufacturers are facing a serious threat to their business as recycled printer cartridges offer quality along with efficiency at minimum prices.

Buying printer cartridges makes us stand face to face with both facts and myths about ink & toner cartridges, some born out of our lack of awareness while some fuelled by the suppliers of original printer cartridges. Digital printers are costly machines and no user wants to compromise on their warranty, hence, ultimately they end up buying costly OEM cartridges that drain a considerable amount of their budget.

On the other hand, recycled printer cartridges can be bought at a price as low as 10%-20% of the cost of original printer supplies. The green wave of reducing carbon footprint by manufacturing recycled printer cartridges in possible maximum amounts has taken the printing market by storm, causing OEM cartridge manufacturers to spread false notions in public about the inefficacy of the recycle printer cartridges so as to keep their cartridge sales at top.

Thus, it’s high time you do away with your myths about the recycled cartridges and start making some smart investment in your printer supplies. Power Point Cartridges Pvt Ltd supplies refurbished cartridges all over India and you can easily get recycled compatible cartridges for your hp photocopier, Konica copier, laserjet mfp, Xerox printer, toshiba printer, samsung printer, canon printer, ricoh printer, Lexmark printer or any other type of printing machine at reasonable market prices.

Call at 1800 2 676 676 or mail at to buy recycled printer cartridges today!

Ink & toner cartridges are the life and soul of our printers and copiers. Whether monochrome black or color, each cartridge can only deliver good printing results if it passes the quality test. Supplying quality tested cartridges is the hallmark of an efficient cartridge supplier and it’s very essential you find one to ensure long life of your printer as defective cartridges can even create severe harm to your printer, let alone your pocket.

Here are the parameters that will help you identify a reliable cartridge manufacturer:


A long history of servicing to the printing needs of the clients guarantees that the cartridge supplier is genuine and has a name in manufacturing ink and toner cartridges since a very long period of time.

Customer Support

A trustworthy cartridge manufacturing company will always be eager to clear out any queries of its customers, while on the other hand, a fake one will rarely or never reply back to your questions or enquiries.

Brand Logo

A reputed cartridge manufacturer will always have its logo imprinted on the cartridges and the phony ones will always sell a cartridge without a name so as to avoid any risks that may arise due to display of brand identity.

Always buy a printer cartridge compatible with your printer model to ensure its optimum performance. Power Point Cartridges Pvt Ltd sells reasonably priced refurbished cartridges compatible with multiple printer & copier brands such as hp printer, Canon printer, Konica copier, Ricoh copier, Xerox photocopier, Toshiba printer, Ricoh printer, hp mfp, colour copier and much more.

Just give us a call on 1800 2 676 676 or mail at to know more about our services.

Remanufactured toner printer cartridges are slowly replacing OEM printer cartridges due to their efficiency combined with cheap rates. Refurbished cartridges come at a fraction of price in comparison to original printer cartridges and offer great compatibility with almost each printer brand.

Let’s take a look at the manufacturing process of the refurbished toner printer cartridges:

• As the remanufactured cartridges are recycled from the used ones, the first step involves collecting used printer cartridges and segregating the ones that are in a condition to be manufactured again.

• After the sorting, a thorough cleaning of the cartridges is done to clear any left out traces of toner as it may affect the quality of fresh toner that will be used to refill the cartridges.

• Next and last step involves filling toner into the cleaned printer cartridges. This process is done digitally to avoid any chance of quality impoverishment of the toner as a result of the human touch.

Using remanufactured cartridges will not just save you great money but also a lot of landfill space. Every year a large amount of natural resources are utilised in manufacturing OEM cartridges and the resultant junk ends up in soil which takes thousands of years to decompose.

Power Point Cartridges Pvt Ltd is a PAN India supplier of refurbished toner cartridges. We sell compatible cartridges at low market prices and also offer managed print services to help you monitor your office printing. You can get a colour or black cartridge for HP photocopier, Konica copier, laserjet mfp, network copier, Samsung printer, Canon printer, mfp printer, Ricoh printer, Toshiba printer or any other branded printing machine at your doorstep.

Call us on 1800 2 676 676 or write to us at to know more about our services.

Printers are indispensable machines for offices and thus you need to get a high-quality printer handy at all times to increase productivity. HD printing and that too at a fast pace are the top determining factors of a quality printer, but what about the printing expenses? First-class printing machines are not only expensive but their consumables affect your business’ ROI in the long run too. In such a scenario, it becomes really crucial to find a solution to this problem so as to augment your business growth.

Getting a digital printer on rent can significantly reduce your printing expenses by minimizing any chance of failure due to regular maintenance check-ups. Apart from maintenance, you can save a lot on your printer consumables too by adhering to the per page plan. Under per page rental, printer rental companies analyse your printing needs and come up with finest printing solutions to help you save maximum on your printing. All you need to do is to just print as per your requirements and only pay for what you print and nothing else!

PowerPoint Cart is an expert in coming up with top printing solutions to meet your business needs. You can rent a mfp printer, HP printer, color printer, Toshiba printer, Canon printer, Ricoh printer, Lexmark printer or any other quality printer for your office printing. We also provide quality refurbished cartridges at reasonable prices to provide you the best cost-effective printing experience.

Call PowerPoint Cart on 1800 2 676 676 or mail at to get a printer on per page basis.

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